Thursday, 28 July 2011


Client - YETTY


Bride - Michelle


Product- Black Opal True Color Foundation Stick
Price-£6.99 (uk price)
<em>Black Opal Cosmetics</em> Cream Stick Foundation SPF8 <em>Make Up</em> Colour: Heave 

Advantages- This cream foundation stick is very light weight and comes in 8 colors and is a medium full coverage foundation. Gives very good coverage and is a suitable choice for most WOCs(women of color). Its very affordable compared to other brands and does it job perfectly well. If you do have blemishes you could team up with a concealer just for that added coverage but this cream stick does the job of covering most blemishes. Velvety smooth finish

Disadvantage- The only downside I have personally noticed with this product is that its not oil-free so you would have to use a blot paper or blot powder to remove oil when it does give out shine. If you have oily skin ,DO use a primer before applying onto face. 

Thursday, 19 May 2011


A lot of my clients and most likely friends would be surprised at what I am about to write on this particular product as I am not a fan of sleek products. 

This is one of my favourite blushes. It comes in about 8 or 9 colors. (I will be putting up the swatches later). It is highly pigmented, sheer and sits nicely on the cheeks to give a subtle sculpted look. Its compact and I love the mirror. There are several colours such as Flamingo(my favourite), flushed, pixie pink, coral , sahara and so much more colours. 

Easy application by using  a blush brush and gently build till you are happy with results. (I always love my blush to pop so I use a considerable amount without going over the top). What I love most is the price ...As it comes at £3.93 which is definitely not going to break your bank account.   

Remain Beautiful x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I can officially say it has been ages since I last wrote a a post in my blog. First of all; I would like to sincerely apologise for that. Hope you do forgive me. That said, I have not been lazying around though. I have been working and I will be putting up pictures of Jobs done. 

I recently worked with another Makeup artist colleague of mine by the name Joy Adenuga of  Joy Adenuga Makeovers on a photo shoot . Jewellery was provided by Hayley Kruger, Photography by Adebayo Deru,  Dresses by Fabryan, Fashion Stylist; Derek Leung. Models were provided by Confidence Model Management. Hairstylist was your truly; True Glam.  

Photo shoot was organised by Joy Adenuga and it was an Alternate Bridal shoot which consisted of White and Black wedding dresses. Yes Black and No we dnt expect you to pick up wearing Black wedding dresses and the above team were really easy to work with.  Enough said; Here are a few photos from the shoot...... 

Also here is I and Joy at what we do best....

We would appreciate your comments and reviews on our work . Remain beautiful x

All pictures are a copyright of True Glam 

Monday, 21 March 2011

Drassick Feat. JayJay - Round & Round [Official Music Video]

This is a video of upcoming musician Drassick featuring Jay Jay in this new catchy tune "Round & round"
I had the priviledge of doing the make up on Drassick and the gorgeous lady in the video. Hope you like it. Pleas do feel free to comment on it. Remain beautiful x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


As humans, we all want our hair looking fabulous all the time if possible. We straighten, use chemicals, colors, hot combs and do so many things to our hair all in the bid to look nice. There is nothing wrong with looking nice and having your hair at its utmost best.The right steps do need to be taken though to attain the look you want for your hair.

To keep your hair looking its best; here are a few DOs and DONTs of mine.

1. DO wash your hair at least once in 2weeks.
2. DO trim the split ends of  your hair .
3. DO have a deep conditioning treatment as often as possible and with almond oil if scalp is dry.(at least once a month)
4. DO use a conditioner after every wash
5. DO allow your hair have a resting period in between weaves and any form of extensions.
6. DO alternate between styles to take pressure off hairline and crown of hair/head
7. DO moisturise hair with a hair moisturiser
8. DO wrap hair in silk scarf when going to bed to avoid rubbing against cotton pillow cases. Hair will loose moisture.
9. DO feel free to try on a wig at the hair shop to determine if a certain hairstyle suits you
10. DO always ask your hairstylist about the progress of your hair 

1. DO NOT use straighteners all the time on your hair.It thins it out
2. DO NOT apply heavy oil products on your hair. It weighs it down and restricts movement of the hair
3. DO NOT pull your hair too tightly in ponytails. You damage your hairline
4. DO NOT do too much of the same hairstlyes that put pressure on the same points of your hair/ head.
5. DO NOT have a full head weave done immediately after a relaxer chemical treatment. Its too much pressure all at once. Have a few tracks put in instead.
6. DO NOT just apply any colour to your hair. Make sure you do a 24hr skin test with a bit of the colour on your skin before usage. This is to ensure you are not allergic to it.
7.DO NOT make your relaxer applications too frequent. At least 8 week intervals in-between relaxer appointments.
8. DO NOT scratch scalp before relaxer appointments,;else you burn quickly even with barrier creams.
9. DO NOT  frequently use bonding glue on your hair. Glue takes quite a portion of the hair out when being taken out.
10. DO NOT leave braids in for too long. Maximum of 6 weeks.

These are my basic DOs and DONTs. Your hair would thank you for showing it so much love. 
Remain Beautiful. x 


Get your glow on!
I don’t know about you, but Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez always influence me to get a fabulous glow when I see their beautiful and gorgeous tans!!! Unfortunately, I have had my fair share of the tanning to know that getting into a tanning bed is definitely a- NO!
Instead of putting my skin at risk, I decided to take a trip to the drugstore and get my self-tanner on!!!!  It's a little publicized secret.  A lot of those glowing complexions celebrities sport down the red carpet during awards season are the product of a little clever use of self-tanning products.  Let’s face it, we all have a little celebrity sparkle in us, so we all deserve to have a great celebrity glow.  Here is what I found to offer the fair skinned celebrities among us the best in the three great self-tanners for the most natural looking results.
Neutrogena Build A Tan Lotion gives a VERY DEEP tan when layering!
Nivea Sunkissed Skin Firming Gradual Tan is great for very fair skin!
Jergens Natural Glow Lotion does not leave streaks and has a nice scent!
All of the self-tanners above are streak free, don’t turn you orange, and give great results. The Neutrogena Tanner does have a MUCH stronger scent, but gives a darker tan than the other two!  Jergens Lotion is great for last minute tan.  I can put it on quickly and it glides on so even and leaves me streak free.  For best results, wash, and exfoliate your body before applying and don’t forget to wash your hands after application or you will have orange hands.
For face application, don’t forget to mask for hydration and exfoliate.  Check out my DIY Spa Facial Video here.
So, the next time you want to feel beautiful from a tan, give your skin a break and just give yourself a tan in a tube (or bottle) for a change!  Let your inner beauty sparkle and your outward beauty look fabulous!
BRIANNA THOMPSON graduated with a BA from Columbia College in Broadcast Journalism, and has had an extensive career working on and off camera; Brianna has always been drawn to the world of glamour and beauty. In 2003, she started pursuing her passion in the colorful world of makeup artistry. She has worked for nationally recognized beauty brands such as Stila, and Aveda Cosmetics educating and sharing the world of makeup! Most recently, she has been working with an exclusive clientele at the award winning spa in the Elysian Hotel. Brianna is taking a new approach to beauty and style by the launch of her website, MAKEUPMINUTES.COM.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Professional Beauty Show 2011 London.

The Professional Beauty Show London was held on the 28th of Febuary 2011 at the Excel London. It was the maiden show and one of the biggest displays of the beauty world.It boasted of so many beauty schools, nail artistry, makeup products, age defying products and the display of so many fantastic products.
I am a beauty addict anyday, anytime including makeup, hair, fashion... name it! So this was a great opportunity to check out the beauty world from a large perspective. Lectures were delivered on the main stage which we were taught the techniques in advertising our work as beauty specialists, how to make utmost use of google the search engine and so much more.

Exhibitors were not lacking and the crowd poured in as well. For a first time show; turnout was huge! Exhibitors such as Footlogix, Bransus, Crown brushes inc, Salon Direct, Fobsonline, PediSpa... I could go on forever.

Below are some of my buys at the event and why i bought them.
I have been running short of lip palletes so I decided to go for this pallete. I really like the colors as well. Bought this from Crown Brush inc.

This is an eyebrow powder. It comes in quite a number of colors to match different brows. I bought the slightly darkers ones because I work with a lot of women of color(WOC). This product comes with a brush and also 3 sets of cellophane eyebrow shapes namely; thin, thick and natural.?(picture below). To use, you simply put the correct sized shape on your brow and use brush with the right color and brush on brows back and forth. Really easy to use on even yourself.

The transparent brow shapes for accurate shaping and precision arch. Definitely worth my money! 

All in all, this show was worth the attendance!

Monday, 21 February 2011


Product - Temptu concealer
Brand - Temptu Pro
Price - $22 / £15
Image -
This is by far one of the nicest concealers I have used . A lot of concealers dry out and crack a few hours after usage but not Temptu. It has a moist feel but still gives you coverage. Its best applied with a concealer brush but the fingers can also be used to gently warm it into the skin as well. This concealer can be used to cover undereye , red spots, blemishes, puffiness, blue circles etc. Its creamy and the more layering , the more coverage you get. 

This particular concealer comes in a wheel and has 5 colours for those with skin discloration like 2 or 3 skin tones who need lighter and darker concealer colors to cover up blemishes. Ill still emphasize on the coverage. Its full coverage but light weight as well. Its one of my best buys and will continue to be a part of my makeup kit as a makeup artist.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Product Review - EVE PEARL HD Cream Foundation

Brand; Eve Pearl
Product;HD cream foundation
Price;$50 / £35 (please convert to currency that applies to you)
Description: Full coverage 
Display picture;
My Review; Now this is a superb foundation! The colour match to the skin is unmistakable. Coverage is amazing as it covers up all imperfections including fine lines, blue marks and still gives your face the chance to breathe. This particular foundation(picture above) comes in a duo or trio for easier access which means you have less to carry. For instance; you want to apply full face foundation and contour as well, you have all lighter colours for your face and also the darker colour for your contour all in the same case! No need to carry 2 or 3 different foundation tubes or bottles.

Apply this foundation with a wet sponge and it sits nicely giving you an all round neat application which blends in properly with the neck as well. (your aim would always be to match your face with your neck when applying foundation.)

This HD foundation is also long lasting. Its HD so you look camera ready all the time. I use this on clients(picture below) and myself.
My verdict?- its worth it.
Remain beautiful x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


The IMATS (International makeup artist trade show) was held on the 29th and 30th of January 2010 at the Alexandra Palace London. First of all I would like to say it was a beautiful experience. The show consisted of  several big names in the makeup industry such as Kevin James Bennett, Eve Pearl, John Woodbridge and many more wonderful speakers. It featured show of makeup skills, body art,applying prosthetics for movie makeup and so much more. Another amazing aspect was the array of cosmetics available for sale in different company exhibitors such as Eve pearl cosmetics, Crown brushes, Sleek cosmestics, Dermalogica, Brushstroke makeup school, Eye Kandy, Temptu and so many other exhibitors(Trust me it was easy to buy the entire exhibition!)

DAY 1 at the IMATS
This was on the 29th of January and it commenced at 8;30am. It had all the exhibitors in their stands, painting away at their various models 
There were so many makeup stands and lectures going on in different parts of the hall. Amazing teachers such as EVE PEARL, KEVIN JAMES BENETT and many others were on hand to take us through different levels of makeup artistry such as bridal makeup, contouring of the face, airbrush makeup and many more. I also got to meet many more makeup artists. Needless to say; I learnt a lot and had fun while learning. Nothing beats that!

DAY 2...
This day was more exciting for me as I got to be a model on the live stage for one of the most amazing makeup artsits i know ;Eve Pearl. I t was a bit tricky convincing her that my face would serve her well on the stage but my persistence paid off. Here is both of us after she had "beat" my face.
Other amazing makeup artists I met on the day were Kevin James Benett of KJBenettbeauty
Uchenna of House of Touche(HOT)

 Below are some of the works done on both days at the event. Amazing I must say!

There were so many and my blog probably would not take all of them. This is a show I would encourage anyone to attend. Who knows? I might even use next years tickets as part of a give away. Watch out for this space!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hi guys. Im so sorry I have been a bit quiet on the blog.Its just being work. A lot of hair styles and makeup to sort out. I have decided to do a few looks and put up such as Nicki Minaj inspired looks and many other fun looks as we gradually move closer to spring.Also I currently have a vicious afro, which im loving. Its a drastic change from what I would normally do but Its a welcome change. Heres what it looks like
Its huge i know!
Also my pictures from IMATs will be put on the blog soon. I recently did a bridal hair photo shoot and my ladies looked faboulous. All those pictures will be coming up soon too.. they will be on my facebook page (TRUE GLAM).Well thats me for today. Remain Beautiful x

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hair Styles all the way...

Client; Miss Rachael
Stylist ;Me(Becca


Client ;Mrs Charity 
Hair; Xpression for braids
Style ; Single plaits twists.                                                                
Back view;

Side view of twists..

Client; meeee(lol)
Hair;Sensetionnel bump hair
Stylist; me
style; invisible parting 

Client; Mrs Esther 
Hair; Xpression shimmer weave
style;pick n drop on top, weave beneath.
Front view;

Client;Miss Natalie
Hair;Xpression for braids
Before hair picture;

Happy Client.

Client;Miss VirtousKelly
Style; Ghanian cornrows in ponytail
Hair;Xpression for braids..


EYEBROWS; This is the most important part of the face as far as im concerned! Once your eyebrows looks right, the rest of your face looks formed and you can afford to go out without makeup.
I have seen several types of brows and below I am going to show you how to get your eyebrows looking nice.

The first thing is to ALWAYS remember that no matter how dark your lashes are; You should NEVER use BLACK eyebrow pencil. No matter how nice the shape is , you would end up looking mean so to speak. 

Never forget that eyebrows are supposed to look natural and make sure there is no SHARP JUMP between the beginning and the end of your brows. It needs to gradually thin out from beginning to end. Not like this;

Thirdly, your brows should not be drawn too long all the way down to the end of your face. It makes it look like you have something crawling on your face!

The next thing to remember is that you really do not want to look permanently suprised. Its really not a good look The arch of your brows should not be too high. Heres an example..

BEAUTIFUL EYEBROWS.... To get gorgeous eyebrows,you must remember that you want your eyebrows groomed and neat. There are several ways to get your brows looking nice;

1.TWEEZING;This is using tweezers to gently pluck out the hairs. There are slanty ones, straight ones and other types. pic of tweezers below...

2.THREADING;This is an indian technique of using thread to pluck out hairs from the roots. It lasts very long but can also be very painful. (im used to it now , doesnt hurt me any more). 

3.RAZORS;This is another method of using blade to scrape off the hairs you want to get rid off. The only disadvantage with this is that the hairs grow back really quickly.

Whichever of these methods you use, the important thing is too make sure you get a nice, clean groomed brow.


My brows are really thin and I always have to fill in with pencil. The trick to getting a natural looking brow is not drawn the line on but to mimic the way  my brows grow naturally by drawing short strokes in the direction which my brows grow.Here is a pic of my brows before I filled in with pencil..

I use a soft brown pencil to gradually draw brisk short strokes following the way my brows are groomed.DO NOT start directly from the beginning as eyebrows are naturally light at the top. I DO NOT draw a straight long line as that would look too penciled in . The idea is to use a pencil but still maintain a natural look. I  then use a concealer 2 shades lighter than my skin tone underneath the arch to make it pop(remember this is my personal method, you could use eyeshadows to create the same effect in colors such as dusty gold,beige etc. no dark colors though). After this, I use a powder brush to dust a bit of loose powder on it so it does not turn waxy after sometime. My end results are usually like this:

  IN full makeup it tends to look like this:
Well thats my blog on eyebrows... If you do not get it perfectly the first time , dont give up. REMEMBER practice makes perfect! Remain Beautiful.....x