Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Professional Beauty Show 2011 London.

The Professional Beauty Show London was held on the 28th of Febuary 2011 at the Excel London. It was the maiden show and one of the biggest displays of the beauty world.It boasted of so many beauty schools, nail artistry, makeup products, age defying products and the display of so many fantastic products.
I am a beauty addict anyday, anytime including makeup, hair, fashion... name it! So this was a great opportunity to check out the beauty world from a large perspective. Lectures were delivered on the main stage which we were taught the techniques in advertising our work as beauty specialists, how to make utmost use of google the search engine and so much more.

Exhibitors were not lacking and the crowd poured in as well. For a first time show; turnout was huge! Exhibitors such as Footlogix, Bransus, Crown brushes inc, Salon Direct, Fobsonline, PediSpa... I could go on forever.

Below are some of my buys at the event and why i bought them.
I have been running short of lip palletes so I decided to go for this pallete. I really like the colors as well. Bought this from Crown Brush inc.

This is an eyebrow powder. It comes in quite a number of colors to match different brows. I bought the slightly darkers ones because I work with a lot of women of color(WOC). This product comes with a brush and also 3 sets of cellophane eyebrow shapes namely; thin, thick and natural.?(picture below). To use, you simply put the correct sized shape on your brow and use brush with the right color and brush on brows back and forth. Really easy to use on even yourself.

The transparent brow shapes for accurate shaping and precision arch. Definitely worth my money! 

All in all, this show was worth the attendance!

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