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EYEBROWS; This is the most important part of the face as far as im concerned! Once your eyebrows looks right, the rest of your face looks formed and you can afford to go out without makeup.
I have seen several types of brows and below I am going to show you how to get your eyebrows looking nice.

The first thing is to ALWAYS remember that no matter how dark your lashes are; You should NEVER use BLACK eyebrow pencil. No matter how nice the shape is , you would end up looking mean so to speak. 

Never forget that eyebrows are supposed to look natural and make sure there is no SHARP JUMP between the beginning and the end of your brows. It needs to gradually thin out from beginning to end. Not like this;

Thirdly, your brows should not be drawn too long all the way down to the end of your face. It makes it look like you have something crawling on your face!

The next thing to remember is that you really do not want to look permanently suprised. Its really not a good look The arch of your brows should not be too high. Heres an example..

BEAUTIFUL EYEBROWS.... To get gorgeous eyebrows,you must remember that you want your eyebrows groomed and neat. There are several ways to get your brows looking nice;

1.TWEEZING;This is using tweezers to gently pluck out the hairs. There are slanty ones, straight ones and other types. pic of tweezers below...

2.THREADING;This is an indian technique of using thread to pluck out hairs from the roots. It lasts very long but can also be very painful. (im used to it now , doesnt hurt me any more). 

3.RAZORS;This is another method of using blade to scrape off the hairs you want to get rid off. The only disadvantage with this is that the hairs grow back really quickly.

Whichever of these methods you use, the important thing is too make sure you get a nice, clean groomed brow.


My brows are really thin and I always have to fill in with pencil. The trick to getting a natural looking brow is not drawn the line on but to mimic the way  my brows grow naturally by drawing short strokes in the direction which my brows grow.Here is a pic of my brows before I filled in with pencil..

I use a soft brown pencil to gradually draw brisk short strokes following the way my brows are groomed.DO NOT start directly from the beginning as eyebrows are naturally light at the top. I DO NOT draw a straight long line as that would look too penciled in . The idea is to use a pencil but still maintain a natural look. I  then use a concealer 2 shades lighter than my skin tone underneath the arch to make it pop(remember this is my personal method, you could use eyeshadows to create the same effect in colors such as dusty gold,beige etc. no dark colors though). After this, I use a powder brush to dust a bit of loose powder on it so it does not turn waxy after sometime. My end results are usually like this:

  IN full makeup it tends to look like this:
Well thats my blog on eyebrows... If you do not get it perfectly the first time , dont give up. REMEMBER practice makes perfect! Remain Beautiful.....x

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