Monday, 21 February 2011


Product - Temptu concealer
Brand - Temptu Pro
Price - $22 / £15
Image -
This is by far one of the nicest concealers I have used . A lot of concealers dry out and crack a few hours after usage but not Temptu. It has a moist feel but still gives you coverage. Its best applied with a concealer brush but the fingers can also be used to gently warm it into the skin as well. This concealer can be used to cover undereye , red spots, blemishes, puffiness, blue circles etc. Its creamy and the more layering , the more coverage you get. 

This particular concealer comes in a wheel and has 5 colours for those with skin discloration like 2 or 3 skin tones who need lighter and darker concealer colors to cover up blemishes. Ill still emphasize on the coverage. Its full coverage but light weight as well. Its one of my best buys and will continue to be a part of my makeup kit as a makeup artist.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Product Review - EVE PEARL HD Cream Foundation

Brand; Eve Pearl
Product;HD cream foundation
Price;$50 / £35 (please convert to currency that applies to you)
Description: Full coverage 
Display picture;
My Review; Now this is a superb foundation! The colour match to the skin is unmistakable. Coverage is amazing as it covers up all imperfections including fine lines, blue marks and still gives your face the chance to breathe. This particular foundation(picture above) comes in a duo or trio for easier access which means you have less to carry. For instance; you want to apply full face foundation and contour as well, you have all lighter colours for your face and also the darker colour for your contour all in the same case! No need to carry 2 or 3 different foundation tubes or bottles.

Apply this foundation with a wet sponge and it sits nicely giving you an all round neat application which blends in properly with the neck as well. (your aim would always be to match your face with your neck when applying foundation.)

This HD foundation is also long lasting. Its HD so you look camera ready all the time. I use this on clients(picture below) and myself.
My verdict?- its worth it.
Remain beautiful x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


The IMATS (International makeup artist trade show) was held on the 29th and 30th of January 2010 at the Alexandra Palace London. First of all I would like to say it was a beautiful experience. The show consisted of  several big names in the makeup industry such as Kevin James Bennett, Eve Pearl, John Woodbridge and many more wonderful speakers. It featured show of makeup skills, body art,applying prosthetics for movie makeup and so much more. Another amazing aspect was the array of cosmetics available for sale in different company exhibitors such as Eve pearl cosmetics, Crown brushes, Sleek cosmestics, Dermalogica, Brushstroke makeup school, Eye Kandy, Temptu and so many other exhibitors(Trust me it was easy to buy the entire exhibition!)

DAY 1 at the IMATS
This was on the 29th of January and it commenced at 8;30am. It had all the exhibitors in their stands, painting away at their various models 
There were so many makeup stands and lectures going on in different parts of the hall. Amazing teachers such as EVE PEARL, KEVIN JAMES BENETT and many others were on hand to take us through different levels of makeup artistry such as bridal makeup, contouring of the face, airbrush makeup and many more. I also got to meet many more makeup artists. Needless to say; I learnt a lot and had fun while learning. Nothing beats that!

DAY 2...
This day was more exciting for me as I got to be a model on the live stage for one of the most amazing makeup artsits i know ;Eve Pearl. I t was a bit tricky convincing her that my face would serve her well on the stage but my persistence paid off. Here is both of us after she had "beat" my face.
Other amazing makeup artists I met on the day were Kevin James Benett of KJBenettbeauty
Uchenna of House of Touche(HOT)

 Below are some of the works done on both days at the event. Amazing I must say!

There were so many and my blog probably would not take all of them. This is a show I would encourage anyone to attend. Who knows? I might even use next years tickets as part of a give away. Watch out for this space!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hi guys. Im so sorry I have been a bit quiet on the blog.Its just being work. A lot of hair styles and makeup to sort out. I have decided to do a few looks and put up such as Nicki Minaj inspired looks and many other fun looks as we gradually move closer to spring.Also I currently have a vicious afro, which im loving. Its a drastic change from what I would normally do but Its a welcome change. Heres what it looks like
Its huge i know!
Also my pictures from IMATs will be put on the blog soon. I recently did a bridal hair photo shoot and my ladies looked faboulous. All those pictures will be coming up soon too.. they will be on my facebook page (TRUE GLAM).Well thats me for today. Remain Beautiful x