Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Hey Ladies,,,

I seem to be wearing a lot of summer colours to look vibrant even though we are quickly loosing the sunshine(not like we really had a summer.lol). I wore this purple lip colour yesterday and just wanted to show you guys what I used and how I got it. Enjoy!

Products used;

OCC lip tar- Hoochie(magneta deep purple look)-

Nyx Lip liner - Deep purple-

Mac- plain lip gloss(not compulsory. i just looove gloss)

Lip brush- for blending and application

NOTE- when using the lip tar, you require a whole lot less than a pea sized amount as it is highly pigmented.  A little goes a very long way. 

You can also use the lip tar without the lip liner. I just love using lip liners.



Thursday, 16 August 2012

Orange Lips; Vibrant summer color

Hey Ladies...

I recently worked as a makeup artist on an event organised by ASAKEOGE COUTURE. It was all traditional outfits with a modern twist to it. 

I worked on a gorgeous model who wore a yellow and green waist coat with a red skinny belt. I was asked what I wanted to do with the lips and I came up with orange lips. I love the balance it gave to her skin and the way it did not over power her outfit. Below are the products I used.  
 Products used;

Nyx Lipliner in orange - $3.50

Crown Brush Uk Lip Palette(orange shimmer colour pointed to in the image below)- £13.99

Plain Lip Gloss- any plain or one with a slight orange hue.

Apply Lip liner all over lips and then using a lip brush, apply the bright orange lip colour all over. Top off with a little gloss lightly over the middle of the lips and you are done!!! 

Hopefully we have still got a bit of summer left so that you too can rock bright orange lips. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Braids- How to look after and maintain it.

Braids are usually the fall back style for ladies and they come in all lengths and sizes.  I recently had an influx of clients wanting to do braids and i did try it myself after a few years.

Braids are fairly easy to look after and here are a few suggestions;

1. Braids tend to pull around the hairline so for the first 2 to 3 days, try let it down or tie back loosely. This is due to the initial pain you get from the pressure of the hair. So avoid tying it up too tight.

2.Always make sure to oil your scalp as often as you can using a hair cream . There are no specific hair creams you can use . Cheaper brands will be Dax, Motions etc. More expensive brands will be Avlon and Keracre products. The keracare has a dry and itchy scalp range that has a minty tingle to it. Its most likely suitable for you if you have got dry or itchy scalp.

3. Avoid pulling braids in too tightly to acquire that perfect bun and do not do it too often as the braids could literally pull off hair from your hairline.

4.If you are planning on keeping your braids for a while. say more than 3 weeks; then you will definitely need to keep your scalp clean and your roots rid of product residue. Washing your hair is very important as well as drying it properly. You can use the Organics Herbal cleanse for braids,locks and much more. 

Descriptions for use on label. 

There is also the water based shampoo if you really want the feeling of you washing your hair

Descriptions for use on label. Both products are under £4

5. When the body of my braids gets rough, I usually use hair mousse over it. i apply a generous portion to just the body and tie a scarf round it. Using a blowdryer, I dry it out. That keeps my braids looking smooth and neat for a longer period of time. 

6. Use oil sheen to for added shine and thats it!!


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review on Babyliss Professional 30 set rollers

Hey Ladies,

It has been a while since I blogged and Yes!! I am back fully.

I got out my Babyliss professional 30 set rollers today which i bought since last year and never got round to using. This is what it looks like.
        Cost Price- £39- £44
With different sets it comes in about 3 to 4 different sizes. The best way to use this is to experiment with it. The larger sizes give you pretty loose curls and can be used in front and on the sides while the medium to smaller sizes give you tighter curls can be used half way the head and towards the back.

How To Use;

1. Apply some product on your hair e.g hair mouse and a little amount of serum.

1. Plug in your rollers and let it heat up for about 15 -20minutes.

2.Take your desired size and simply roll your hair round it. It comes with pins which you simply slide through the hair and roller to secure it.

3. Once you are done rolling, leave to set  for about 10 - 15 minutes

4.Take out pins , rollers would usually slide off hair and watch your hair come out in beautiful curls.

5. Depending on how you want curls to fall, you can use a wide paddle brush or a wide tooth comb to loosen up curls for that beautiful laid back but glamorous look. The added volume you get in 15minutes is AMAZING!!!

6.Apply some oil sheen and holding spray for some added shine and hold. Voila!

Tools used;

Hair Mousse

Tail comb

Paddle Brush


Holding spray

Oil sheen spray

I absolutely love this product!!!  For me its easier than using a curling wand which takes forever or bendy rollers which makes it uncomfortable to sleep at night!!! 

Try it and send me images of what your curls came out as... xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

True Glam Referral Appreciation Programme

Hi Everyone!!!

Thanks to wonderful customers, friends and well wishers of TGB, Last year we recorded quite a huge burst on the bridal scene.

Well this wedding season, we at TGB are truly grateful for the support and referrals and In order to show our appreciation we have put together an ongoing event tagged ; The Referral Appreciation Programme. This event starts from the 1st of May all through till the 7th of December 2012!!! 

 Here is how it works;

1. Get the Client you have told about us to mention your name . for example; hi my name is Dami, I was referred to you by Kelly.

2. The Client definitely has to use our services for their event as this completes the referral programme.

3. After the client's event, please get in touch with us by either giving us a call on 079 00431247 or visiting our studio at 494 gale street,dagenham essex.rm9 4nu to collect your goodies. 

4. Do not forget that the more you refer us to your friends,family and colleagues, the more goodies you could receive!!! 

It is so so simple and  gifts include the following;





lip and eye pencils

hair brushes

hair products and so much more..

What are you waiting for? START REFERRING!!!!!!

                                                            Lots of Truly Glam love 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Hi everyone!!! Its been ages. I am glad to be back on here though. A lot has happened over the past 6 months or there about but I am going to just give you a hint of what we did.  A few pictures below- 

Photography - Derrick
Makeup and Head wrap- True Glam(me)
Models- Feyi and Yemi 
Theme- Ethnic Bride
Our gorgeous Ethnic Brides........