Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Product Review - EVE PEARL HD Cream Foundation

Brand; Eve Pearl
Product;HD cream foundation
Price;$50 / £35 (please convert to currency that applies to you)
Description: Full coverage 
Display picture;
My Review; Now this is a superb foundation! The colour match to the skin is unmistakable. Coverage is amazing as it covers up all imperfections including fine lines, blue marks and still gives your face the chance to breathe. This particular foundation(picture above) comes in a duo or trio for easier access which means you have less to carry. For instance; you want to apply full face foundation and contour as well, you have all lighter colours for your face and also the darker colour for your contour all in the same case! No need to carry 2 or 3 different foundation tubes or bottles.

Apply this foundation with a wet sponge and it sits nicely giving you an all round neat application which blends in properly with the neck as well. (your aim would always be to match your face with your neck when applying foundation.)

This HD foundation is also long lasting. Its HD so you look camera ready all the time. I use this on clients(picture below) and myself.
My verdict?- its worth it.
Remain beautiful x

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