Client; Miss Rachael
Hair Brand;Sensatinnel Bump hair
Stylist ;Me(Becca)  
  Final look( FRONT VIEW)

Final look (SIDE VIEW)                                 

Client ;Mrs Charity 
Hair; Xpression for braids
Style ; Single plaits twists.                                                                
Back view;

Side view of twist;

Client; meeee(lol)

Hair;Sensetionnel bump hair
Stylist; me
style; invisible parting 

Client; Mrs Esther 
Hair; Xpression shimmer weave
style;pick n drop on top, weave beneath.
Front view;
Back view of style

Client;Miss Natalie
Hair;Xpression for braids
Before hair picture;
After picture;

Happy client...

Client;Miss VirtousKelly
Style; Ghanian cornrows in ponytail
Hair;Xpression for braids..