Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Lipliners and Lipsticks are a very essential aspect of applying makeup. I am a personal lover of both and you do not have to buy overly expensive ones to get a fabulous look! Lipliners come in all sorts of colours and are mostly in pencil form. If you do not have a lipliner, an idea is to use the lipstick as the liner. There are several types of  lipliners and lipsticks...


1.Make sure to have previously applied a little lip balm or gloss to soften lips and prepare it for the application
2. If you are wearing full make up; you could apply a little bit of concealer to your lips so as to help hold the lip stick stay for longer.
3.Get your lipliner and draw a line round the edges of your lips
 A really neat trick I learnt from SAM FINE is to make sure that while lining your lips; you smudge the line towards the fleshy parts of your lips ie gradually upwards towards the middle of the lips. This makes the line near invisible after you apply lipstick but still gives the lips that defined look.

4. Use a firm lipbrush to apply the lipstick all over the lip but inside the line you drew at the edges. Make sure to blend the lipstick properly....                  

 NOTE; you can also apply straight from the tube as that is usually easier and faster. The brush justs gives a more precise application..


Not all lipsticks have shine to it. Some are matt and others come in form of tar as seen below.... You can always add a little bit of gloss to add shine to your lips

 Finally always remember to re-apply your lipstick after eating and drinking because lipsticks rub off cutleries and cups..
Do you have any questions to ask? Maybe what brand to use? why not ask in the comment box... REMAIN BEAUTIFUL x

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