Friday, 7 January 2011


Primer as far as im concerned is the next best thing in the makeup industry! Primers are fairly new in the industry but so far have proven their worth.... A face primer comes in a slightly liquid but more gel-like form. The main aim of the face primer is to create a smooth base for you to apply makeup on. It pampers your skin and creates a protective base for longer lasting makeup... In one sentence "Its the best way to protect your skin and help your makeup last longer without smearing or melting away"

 Primers are advisable for people who have combination/oily skin as it helps the skin keep the oil from coming through your makeup. They are usually oil free and also fragrance free so the risk of a reaction is very limited. It also works well on dry and sensitive skin as it nourishes the skin and also calms inflamations that would normally arise with sensitive skin. 

A makeup primer should be applied AFTER moisturizer and application should be done with hands to reach those hidden areas. Apply on eyes, lips, nose, forehead or all over face so as to create an even, smooth and easy perfect base for makeup application.

1.Creates a perfect base for makeup application
2.Helps to fill in lines and wrinkles
3.smooths the face
4.Reduces risk of inflamation caused by application of makeup directly on sensitive skin.
5.It stops oil and shine
6.It hides imperfections
7.It pampers and nourishes the skin all day
8.It prevents makeup from clogging up your skin (clogged up skin will lead to spots and breakouts).
9.It makes large visible pores appear smaller and tighter
10.It protects your skin from harmful sunlight rays as some primers contain sunscreen and SPF 15 or 30.

Below are some of the best and some of my personal favourite primers; 
 This creates a smooth and invisible layer that helps protect the skin from outside elements and holds foundation. It also helps makeup last longer and stay color-true for hours. Contains Vitamins A,E and C. Perfect for all skin types...

Prime time combats flaky skin, uneven tone, excess oil and large pores. It contains SPF 15.....

"K" by Beverky Knight combats large pores and works well on any skin, it also battles combination/oily skin....

This splendid product instantly banishes fine lines, wrinkle lines and enlarged pores to reveal an almost perfect skin....

I certainly hope I have convinced you into investing in a primer. Trust me its well worth it! You are worth it(not stealing the L'oreal slogan) lol. This could just be the product you were missing in your makeup kit! Try it and let me know your thoughts on the primer......                                                                                       Remain Beautiful x


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  1. nice one sis, this would help people look and grow in beauty much much better. thanx x