Friday, 14 January 2011


Foundation is usually the basis for any full makeup application. It creates a canvas on which every other application can be done. Foundations can come in different forms such as the following;

1.Liquid Foundation-  This comes in liquid form. Its the most common foundation because its really easy to apply(my favourite). Liquid Foundations come in different coverage levels e.g medium coverage, full coverage.

2.Stick Foundation-This is a cream foundation and concealer mixed in one. It gives really good coverage and is really quick to apply. 
 3.Mousse Foundation- This is a light whipped foundation. Its light weight thereby giving a lighter coverage. This is great for mature skins as its so light; It does not weigh into fine lines and wrinkles.

4.Cream to powder Foundation- This is really good for oily skin and it is a faster alternative to liquid foundation. 

5.Cream Foundation; This can be used as a concealer and foundation as it is really thick and gives great coverage. Its normally used on dry skin or if you want an a perfect finish.
6.Powder Foundation- This has very light coverage and is mostly used daily as it is really easy to apply. Younger girls who are starting freshly with makeup are usually adviced to use this.
7. Spray Foundation; These are fairly new in the market and comes in a can spray bottle. You can spray on a foam applicator and apply to face or just apply directly.

I have seen several types of application and sometimes one is dismayed at how the full look comes out...Im not going to put up pictures so that i do not offend any body.Below Im going to take you through how to apply foundation properly....


1.Choose well- The first and most important thing is to make sure you have the right colour for your skin.Quite a lot of times you are told to use 2 or 3 foundation colours based on the amount of skin tones you have but the best thing will be to get a concealer that is 1 or 2 colours lighter than your main skin colour and use that to hide your imperfections. You can now go ahead and apply your foundation. The best way to find the right foundation for your skin is to go bared faced to the departmental store that specialize in these products and have a makeup artist help you pick out a right colour by trying it on your skin to get a near perfect match.

2.Have the right tools-Foundation can be applied with sponge applicators, foundation brush etc depending on the type of foundation you are using from the above list.

3.Using your sponge applicator(damp); Dot little bits of foundation on forehead, nose, chin  and work your way outwards towards your hair line. Make sure to blend properly into hair so that it dissapears and does not leave visible application lines. 

4.View your application in natural light to see if you have missed any areas or need proper blending. Blend into your chin properly towards neck so foundation dissappears into neck area.

5.If you have excess foundation on, Please use my special SAM FINE trick. Get tissue paper and split into 2(most tissues come in 2ply hence the splitting). Use just the single sheet to GENTLY DAB at the foundation thereby taking out the excess.

6. Finally apply a little bit of powder to complete your look. 

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