Thursday, 6 January 2011


Have you got NATURAL HAIR? Do you find it dificult to look after it?

Your hair is referred to as natural when chemicals such as relaxers,texturizers,curly perm wave etc have not been introduced into the hair. It therefore looks afro. Looking after your natural hair does not have to be dificult when you have the right products. Usually, the same rules apply which apply to processed hair also works with natural hair except for a few exceptions.

How do i look after my natural afro?

1..Wash hair regularly as you would with shampoo...
2..Conditioning is very important! While conditioning,get a large comb as above image and gently comb through tangle while conditioner is still soaking in the hair.
3..Rinse out after combing and apply moisturizer to hair.There are different types of moisturizers but my favoutite is from the "Keracare hair range"
 This moisturizer works really well on natural hair. It has got Jojoba oil which locks in moisture in the hair.
   Treating your natural hair to a deep conditioning is very important. I personally always advice at least once a month. If your hair is damaged then once every 2week to 3weeks is essential to help strengthen hair again.


After washing of hair, mix a little bit of ALMOND OIL to a portion of  OSMO. I really like this product because it is a deep intensive hair repair mask and leaves your hair feeling unbelievably soft!!!

Mix these 2 products together and thoroughly saturate the hair with it. Put on a shower cap and if you so please; wrap a towel around your hair to intensify heat. Leave for about 30 mins and then rinse and style as usual.

P.S...Applying heat to natural hair through the use of hot combs and irons should NOT be done too frequently as this thins out the hair and damages it over a period of time.

Remember your hair is your "Crowning glory"...Why not take these little extra steps at making sure its well protected..                                                           Remain Beautiful x

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