Thursday, 16 August 2012

Orange Lips; Vibrant summer color

Hey Ladies...

I recently worked as a makeup artist on an event organised by ASAKEOGE COUTURE. It was all traditional outfits with a modern twist to it. 

I worked on a gorgeous model who wore a yellow and green waist coat with a red skinny belt. I was asked what I wanted to do with the lips and I came up with orange lips. I love the balance it gave to her skin and the way it did not over power her outfit. Below are the products I used.  
 Products used;

Nyx Lipliner in orange - $3.50

Crown Brush Uk Lip Palette(orange shimmer colour pointed to in the image below)- £13.99

Plain Lip Gloss- any plain or one with a slight orange hue.

Apply Lip liner all over lips and then using a lip brush, apply the bright orange lip colour all over. Top off with a little gloss lightly over the middle of the lips and you are done!!! 

Hopefully we have still got a bit of summer left so that you too can rock bright orange lips. 

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  1. As a make-up artist, you are knowledgeable with your clients skin too right? I want to ask something about what you insight about indoor tanning? They said that it could cause cancer but there are no scientific evidence that will prove it solidly? What are your insights on this one?