Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review on Babyliss Professional 30 set rollers

Hey Ladies,

It has been a while since I blogged and Yes!! I am back fully.

I got out my Babyliss professional 30 set rollers today which i bought since last year and never got round to using. This is what it looks like.
        Cost Price- £39- £44
With different sets it comes in about 3 to 4 different sizes. The best way to use this is to experiment with it. The larger sizes give you pretty loose curls and can be used in front and on the sides while the medium to smaller sizes give you tighter curls can be used half way the head and towards the back.

How To Use;

1. Apply some product on your hair e.g hair mouse and a little amount of serum.

1. Plug in your rollers and let it heat up for about 15 -20minutes.

2.Take your desired size and simply roll your hair round it. It comes with pins which you simply slide through the hair and roller to secure it.

3. Once you are done rolling, leave to set  for about 10 - 15 minutes

4.Take out pins , rollers would usually slide off hair and watch your hair come out in beautiful curls.

5. Depending on how you want curls to fall, you can use a wide paddle brush or a wide tooth comb to loosen up curls for that beautiful laid back but glamorous look. The added volume you get in 15minutes is AMAZING!!!

6.Apply some oil sheen and holding spray for some added shine and hold. Voila!

Tools used;

Hair Mousse

Tail comb

Paddle Brush


Holding spray

Oil sheen spray

I absolutely love this product!!!  For me its easier than using a curling wand which takes forever or bendy rollers which makes it uncomfortable to sleep at night!!! 

Try it and send me images of what your curls came out as... xxx


  1. This woman... I have to buy my own hot rollers, then get back to u with pics.. I love ur curls my great in-law

  2. hahaha thanks sis. i hope you enjoy using it. xxx